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IHJA 2017 Recognized Shows (posted shows in red)

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A Circuit Shows B Circuit Shows
1-Dec to 4-Dec-16 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 335444
Ocala Holiday Premiere Ocala FL # 334484
8-Dec to 11-Dec-16 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 313728
Winter Festival I Lake St Louis MO #
16-Dec to 18-Dec-16 Ocala Holiday Premiere Ocala FL # 316545
Winter Festival II Lake St Louis MO #
21-Dec to 25-Dec-16  
29-Dec to 1-Jan-17  
5-Jan to 8-Jan-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 7138  
12-Jan to 15-Jan-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 7139
Winter Festival III Lake St Louis MO
19-Jan to 22-Jan-17 Ocala January Classic Ocala FL # 330361
Winter Festival IV Lake St Louis MO
Showplace Roscoe ILcanceled
26-Jan to 29-Jan-17 Ocala January Festival Ocala FL # 330362
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 330496
2-Feb to 5-Feb-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 7140
Ocala Premiere Ocala FL # 330363
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 328050
9-Feb to 12-Feb-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 1962
Ocala Winter Classic Ocala FL # 3584
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 316244
16-Feb to 19-Feb-17 Ocala Winter Festival Ocala FL # 2357 Showplace Roscoe IL
23-Feb to 26-Feb-17 Ocala Masters Ocala FL # 2358
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 330497
2-Mar to 5-Mar-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 335445
Ocala Tournament Ocala FL # 2254
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 328051
9-Mar to 12-Mar-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 1376
Ocala Winter Finals Ocala FL # 2255
16-Mar to 19-Mar-17 Ocala Winter Celebration Ocala FL # 326591 Showplace Roscoe IL
23-Mar to 26-Mar-17 Ocala Winter Championship Ocala FL # 330909
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 260909
30-Mar to 2-Apr-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 335446 canceled
Country Heir Wilmington OH # 330498
6-Apr to 9-Apr-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 5423  
13-Apr to 16-Apr-17 Country Heir Wilmington OH # 334707 Showplace Roscoe ILcanceled
20-Apr to 23-Apr-17 Country Heir Wilmington OH # 330499  
27-Apr to 30-Apr-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 298734  
4-May to 7-May-17 Ledges Winter Series Roscoe IL # 271337 Showplace Roscoe IL
10-May to 14-May-17 Showplace Spring Classic I Crete IL # 335091
Maffitt Lake Spring Gathering 1 Cumming, Iowa
17-May to 21-May-17 Showplace Spring Classic II Crete IL # 323960 Showplace Crete IL
24-May to 28-May-17 Showplace Spring Classic III Crete IL # 308019  
1-Jun to 4-Jun-17 Fields and Fences Spring H/J Horse Show Gurnee IL Tievoli farm Woodstock IL
7-Jun to 11-Jun-17 Showplace Spring Spectacular I Crete IL # 270120
Country Heir Lexington KY # 2305
14-Jun to 18-Jun-17 Showplace Spring Spectacular II Crete IL # 316479
Country Heir Lexington KY # 7042
20-Jun to 25-Jun-17 Showplace Spring Spectacular III Crete IL # 327785  
30-Jun to 2-Jul-17   Showplace Roscoe IL
5-Jul to 9-Jul-17 Showplace Summertime I Crete IL # 316479  
12-Jul to 16-Jul-17 Showplace Summertime II Crete IL # 324608  
19-Jul to 23-Jul-17 Showplace Summertime III Crete IL # 332435  
27-Jul to 30-Jul-17 Equifest I Lamplight Equestrian Center Wayne IL
Kentucky Summer Horse Show Lexington KY
Valley Park Horse Show USEF B Des Moines, IA
31-Jul to 6-Aug-17 Equifest II Lamplight Equestrian Center Wayne IL
Two Rivers Summer Festival Maffitt Lake Cumming, IA
Kentucky Summer Classic Lexington KY
Perfecta Farm Roscoe IL
9-Aug to 13-Aug-17 Showplace End Of Summer Crete IL # 334011  
16-Aug to 20-Aug-17 Balmoral Fall Classic Crete IL # 335116  
24-Aug to 27-Aug-17 Summers End Camp Lake WI # 4596canceled
KHJA Show Lexington KY
Showplace Roscoe IL (IHJA B 2017 Medals Final)
31-Aug to 3-Sep-17    
7-Sep to 10-Sep-17 Showplace Fall Classic Preview Roscoe IL # 333656  
13-Sep to 17-Sep-17 Showplace Fall Classic I Crete IL # 308006
IHJA A Medal 2017 Finals
Zone V HOTY Championships
Marshall & Sterling Midwest Finals
NCEA Midwest MedalsFinals
21-Sep to 24-Sep-17 Showplace Fall Classic II Crete IL # 330582
Kentucky National Lexington KY # 5610
28-Sep to 1-Oct-17 Ledges Fall Classic Roscoe IL # 308019canceled
Showplace Roscoe IL (IHJA B Medals Count for 2018)
3-Oct to 8-Oct-17 Minnesota Fall Harvest  
Nov 18, 2017 IHJA Banquet