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A Circuit Standings as of 10/30/2016 (click here for A Circuit Word file)
IHJA Medals Finals Results (Final Standings)
Adult Medal Finals Children's Medal Finals Junior Medal Finals
Adult Mini-Medal Finals Children's Mini-Medal Finals Pony Medal Finals
Hunter Divisions
Amateur Adult Hunter 18-35 Children's Working Hunter 14 & Under Junior Working Hunter - 3ft 3 Performance Hunter - 3ft 3
Amateur Adult Hunter 36-49 Children's Working Hunter 15-17 Junior Working Hunter - Large Performance Hunter - 3ft 6
Amateur Adult Hunter 50 & over Green Conformation Hunter Junior Working Hunter - Small Pony Hunter - Large
Amateur Owner Hunter - 3ft 3 Green Pony Hunter Long Stirrup Hunter Pony Hunter - Medium
Amateur Owner Hunter 3 ft 6 - 18-35 Green Working Hunter - First Year Low Working Hunter Pony Hunter - Small
Amateur Owner Hunter 3 ft 6 - 36 & Over Green Working Hunter - Second Year Modified Adult Hunter Pre Green Hunter - 3 ft
Baby Green Hunter High Performance Hunter Modified Children's Hunter Pre Green Hunter - 3ft 3
Children's Hunter Pony - Large Hunter Breeding - 2 year old Non-Thoroughbred Working Hunter Regular Conformation Hunter
Children's Hunter Pony - Medium Hunter Breeding - 3 year old Novice Adult Hunter Schooling Hunter
Children's Hunter Pony - Small Hunter Breeding - Yearling Novice Children's Working Hunter Short Stirrup Hunter
Jumper Divisions
Adult Jumper Junior Jumper Modified Children's Jumper Schooling Jumper
Amateur Owner Jumper Low Adult Jumper Modified Jumper Training Jumper - High
Baby Green Jumper Low Children's Jumper Pony Jumper Training Jumper - Low
Children's Jumper Modified Adult Jumper Puddle Jumper
Equitation Divisions
Adult Equitation Equitation 12-14 Horses Equitation 15-17 Short Stirrup Equitation
Equitation 11 & Under Equitation 12-14 Ponies Long Stirrup Equitation
Special Awards
Adult Medal Finals Trophy Escapade Trophy Junior Hunter Grand Champion Modified Child/Adult Jumper Trophy
Amateur Adult Grand Champion French Silk Trophy Junior Medal Finals Trophy Pony Jumper Trophy
Amateur Owner 3ft3 Grand Champion Gentry Family Trophy Junior Rider Challenge Short Stirrup High Point Rider
Amateur Owner 3ft6 Grand Champion George And Magda Lefton Trophy Little Black Dress Trophy Strike The Pose Trophy
Captain Video/ Market Rules Trophy Grand Hunter Champion Low Adult Jumper Trophy Susan Kelly Trophy
Child/Adult Jumper Trophy Green Conformation Hunter Champion Low Childrens Jumper Trophy Thomas A. Foran Trophy
Children's Hunter Grand Champion Jennifer Hanks Trophy Circuit Lucky Tucky Trophy