IHJA Points

Horses by Name - A Circuit 2016
7 Andro
A Bit of Spunk A Chance Encounter Abaco Above Board RJC
Aces & Eights Advantageous RJC Aiko Z Ajamz R
Alastair Alcaprin All Aboard Aluminum Overcast
Always Dreaming Amada Amelia Amerikan Romance
Amici Amigo Amina Anamchara
Andiamo Anisette Arabella Aramba Jolie Versace
Arete Aries Aruba As Di So Grand
Ascari Ascendant Ashland Asiago
Aslan Aspen Astaire Atteca
Au Grand Coevr Audience of One Audi's Classic Pleasure Aurora
Avanz R
B T Silhouette Bachelor 4 Bakersfield Bambino
Barbossa Barina Batchelor Party Bazinga 18
Be Boulder Beach Walk Beachin Bear Necessities
Beaucatcher Beckton Bel Ami Belichick
Bella Cielo Benedicto Benitto Benlea Mizzou
Bentley Berkley III Bert Betcha Know Me Now
Big Biz Big Country Billy Madison Bishop
Black Tie Black Tie Affair Blackrock Blonde Moment
Blossom Hill Blue James Blue Blue North Blueridge
Bob Des Baumeister Boeve's Oredin Bon Amante Bon Vivant
Bonaire Bonfeuer Bonndy Borsalino Birdavenue
Bravado Bravo Bravoman Bring Me The Horizon
Broadway Brownland's Coffee Bean Brownlands Last Call Buccael Eire
Buenos Aires
Caboushka S Cabriolet 18 Cadence E.X. Calido's Son
Calistoga Gold Call The Shots Callagher Can you Keep a Secret
Cannonball Capri Captain Sparrow Captain Underpants
Captivated Carbonado Carice Carina
Carlos Santana Carmachon Carolina's Cool Breeze Cartier
Casanova Casaro Caston Catwalk
Cazzuta Centurion B Cervino Charactuar
Charlie Brown Charlotte Charm 18 Chasinta
Check Me Out Check Point 18 Cherish The Moment Chester
Chromeo Churubusco LS Ciao Bella Cisco Kid
Claas Clever Clandestine Clark Kent Clever
Clever Girl Cleverboy 4 Clifford Cloud 9
Code Red Coletrane Soul Colorado Coltrane
Compis Conaro Contessa 845 Cool Diamond
Cornerstone Cosibello Count Counting Stars
Covergirl CR Moet Cracker Jack Credo SK
Cullen Cumano Boy Z Customized Cypress
Czarina Czech Mate
Dante B De Chanel Degage Delta Dawn
Denver Dig Down Deep Dixie Chick D'Lovely K
Dolly B Donativo Don't Count Me Out Double Intentions
Downtowns Domi Downtown's Monaco Dreaming Out Loud Dreamside
Dublin Bay Duchess of Diamonds
Eli Elite Spring Daisy Encore Everlasting Goodness
Faith Faithfully Famous Fantasmic
Fascination Feather Fernleigh Fiamette
Fiesta W Fiji First Kiss Fischer
Flawless Fleetwood Flirting With Destiny Flying Perfection
Follow The Laughter For Adventure For Furioso For Pete's Sake
Foreign Affair Forever and Always Freedom Friday Night
Gallatin Galoupard Galway Girl Gastone
Gelato Gemini Genesis Gentleman Jeeves
Gentlemens Quartley Gingerbread Man Glynhafan Red Kestral Got Me
Grand Jete' Grandeur B Grucho Al Fary Ad Z Guidam Grans
Hakuna Matata Haley Johnson Harlem Shake Harvest Moon
Harvey Having Said That Hawthorne Heart to Believe
Helene VE Helicon Friends Forever Hellboy Henry
Here's The Deal HH Lloyd Z High Cotton High Honors
High Note High Point High Rustler Hillcrest Hercules
Hillcrest Moon Walker Hillcrest's Smoke Signal Hindsight HJ Atleta 11
HJ Britney B HJ Ebano Hollister Hope
Hyperion B
I Rock Icavis Vede Icavus Ice
Illumination Imagine That In Print In Sync B
Incendio Insight Insignia Inspector Gadget
Iron Icon Isabelle It's All Good Ivy League
Jabari 18 Jabulani 18 James Dean Janan 18
Jessandi Famous Amos Johnny Cash Johnny T. Jolly Roger
Jordey Nelson Jubilant Judgement Farms China Jumana18
Junior Just Ameves Little Diamond Just Darlun Justified
Kalani Kalypso Kash Keepen Posted
Keepsake Kentucky Khaleesi Kilina 18
King Bee King of Hearts Kiss Me I'm Italian Kronevald's de Marco
Lady Aligator ABF Lake Effect Langdon Last Wish
Lasting Impression Latino 111 Legacy B Legado
Liberty Z Limelight Little Miss Sunshine Little Rock
Lola K Lord Lendel L'Taire Lucca
Lugana Luminaria Luminous
Macchiato Mach 5 Maclain Maestro
Majestic Major Majesty Major League Marcazarr
Mardi Gras Marschlillie Marvel US Marvelous Future
Matilda Matinee Maximum Ride McLovin
Melvads Lisan Memorable Memphis Memphis Belle
Merci Papa Meridiano Midnight in Paris Milador
Millennium Mini-Me Mirror Image Miss Congeniality
Modisgliani Money Tree Monique Monopoly
Montego Bay Moody Blues Moondance Moraleja
Morocco MTM Magnum MTM UP2U My Dusty Rose
My Teddy Bear
Nabuco Nala Nantucket Navy Blue
Nazoren New Castle Nicholas No Boundaries
Northern Lights Northwind Just Josh'n
Oblivion Ohm Olivaire Olympis
On Tour One In A Million Orchidee Milody Ozaliat
Pacino Panacake Pase 6 Peace
Peanut Brittle Penny Lane Peppermint Twist Petrossian
Phoenix de Ligoure Phylax 5 Pip Squeak Piper
Pippin Plain & Simple Plainsboro Platinum
Play To Win Poetic Polaris Star Pop Kulture
Pork-A-Pine Prescott Primrose Prince Caspian
Prince of Narnia Prinz Providence Pure Soul
Purple Rain
Quantico Questa Copriole Quick Draw McGraw
Racine Rhapsody Radar Radioactive Raison De Vivre
Rakker Rapidash Rapunzel 18 Rarity
Rating Agency Ravati 18 Ravina Ravishing 18
Really Truly Red Bandit Red Sky Reflection
Regalia 18 Rejoice RJC Remarkable Remarkable Lass
Remember Me Replique Requested 18 Resolute
Reverie 18 Revilo Reykjavik 18 Rico
Rio Rio Bravo Rio's Tapersty Riot 18
Risque Business River River Roc 10 Roc Candy 18
Roc Canyon Roc Elle Roc Hunter 18 Roc My Soul 18
Roc My World Roc N Groovy Roc Paper Scissors Roc-ette RJC
Roche Rochette Rockthe Gold Roc's All That
Roc's Irish Rose Rocs to Riches Rodrigo's Bianca Rodrigo's E. Major
Roll With It Rolling Cowboy Up Roman Holiday Romy
Royal Descent Rubaiyat 18 Rue The Air Rumor Has It
Runway Model
S & L Downtown S & L Sander S. S. Couture Sabrina
Sacha 12 Salina K Sandpiper Santa Fe
Santiago Saved By The Bella Savoy Schroder
Schroeder Sebastian See You Again Semi Sweet
Semper Fi Sensible Shoes Sensitive Prince Sent From Heaven
Serendipity Sharp Dressed Man Sheldon Cooper Shimmer
Shining Star Shooter Sierra Nevada Silver Encore
Silver Star Silverwood Full Sail Simon Says Single Handed
Sir Spencelot Skywalker Smitten Snickerdoodle
So True Solo Solstice Sovereign
Splash Splash Down Start Me Up Steel The Show
Stingray 78 Stoneledge FoxFire Stonestreet Stonewall Eleanor
Stonewall Last Cloud Stonewall Spring Fever Stonewall Stratus Storm Trooper
Sugarbrooks Same Plan Sunny Boy Surprise Swarovski
Sylvester Syrah
Talan Talent Talledaga Tallulah
Tamdhu Tap Dance Tapestry Tarco
Tarry-A-Bit Poppycock Tayfoon Tea and Crumpets Ted E Bear
Texan The Boyfriend The Graduate The Honorable Don Carloss
The Other Guy The Prince Theodore Time Out
Timeless Top Notch Five Tophat and Tails Total Touch
Triple Threat Trousseau True North True Religion
True Story Tuidam Two for the Bunny
Umar du Breche Unleash Urban Cowboy Utopia 111
Valcony Valhalla Varina Vegas Vacation
Victorious Vince Virantos Vision EH
Vivaldi Volcan de France Voyageur
Wake Up Call Walk the Line Wall AStreet Dimon Walter
War Paint Waves of Glory Wayfarer Well Said
Wexford Wexford 87 WF Ever So Clever What's Up Roc
Wild Goose Chase Windsome Bluesome Winstone With A Twist
Zacantos Z Zalicia Zamora Zanzibar
Zelda Zeni Bella Ziggy Stardust Zingara
Zippo 7 Zuzu