IHJA Points

Horses by Name - A Circuit 2019
A Bit of Spunk Abaco Above Board RJC Abstract
Al Betcha Wanna Look Alessio All Aboard All Occasions
Altarius Amadeo Amelia Amelia Konigin Van Teuren
Amerikan Romance Amici Amour De La Vallee Another Day In Paradise
Antalya Apartico App For That Arabella
Arragon Artful Mister As Di So Grand Astaire
Asturino At One's Word Attica Au Grand Coevr
Audience of One Aurora Az Gifted Azzurra
Babar Balavan Balou Boy Balou Boy
Balvenie Barina Batchelor Party Bazinga 18
Beaujolais Du Ruct Bel Canto Belle Rose Bellus
Benevolence Bengtsson VDL Benjamin Twist Berlino Etienne
Betcha Know Me Now Bewitched Big Country BiSOUS
Blissful Ride Blu Sanvalou Blue Blue James Blue
Blue North Blueridge Bob Des Baumeister Bocelli
Bohemian Bond Girl Bravo Brenae
Brownland's Last Call Bucceal Eire Buenos Aires
Cabriolet 18 Cademuir Cadence E.X. Caiza
Calido's Son Cameo Camillo Z Camiro Z
Canturada Seconda Della Caccia Capitol Image Captain Captian RW
Captivated Capua Caracas Carbonado
Carlotta W Casino RSS Cassandro Cassini Du Boy
Cassinis Circo Caston Catch Me If You Can Cathanos Kismet
Cayanne Pepper Centabis Centauri Centolys
Centurion B Chance of Flurries Chantilly Alice Charactarr
Charade Chardonnay Charlie Brown Charlie Z
Charlotte Charm 18 Check Point 18 Cherrybrook Just Blue By
Chill N Christian Grey Chunky Monkey Ciara
Cisco Kid Clarissa 165 Class Act Claudius
Clovermeade Bunnymoon Cobalt Lily Group Colchester Coletrane Soul
Colorado Colorado222 Coltrane Come Alive
Come What May Common Denominator Concerto in G Conquest
Contessa Contral Cookie Cool Cash
Cooley Moondancer F Coreografia Cornerstone Cotillion
Craker Jack Z Cristallo Csepel Cuba Libre
Cubscout BG Cullen Cydelle
Dance Party Danlynn's Windsurfer Delfina Delta Dawn
Dicaprio Diegovd Endepoel Dior Diplomat
Doctors Orders Donnalaris Don't make me cry Double Intentions
Dream a Little Dream Boy Dreaming Out Loud16 Duchess of Diamonds
Ebano G Eileen El Casper Elan
Electra PW Eli Ella Echanted Ellis Island
Elvadour Estrellita Eubala Everlasting Goodness
Exemplar Exxon's M en M Eye Spy Sumthin Blue
Faith In Ramona Faithfully Fancy That Fantasia
Fantome Fast Track Fieldmaster Fierra
Fierrot Find The Love Finn Fire's Seranapo ES
Fisher Fisher For Carats For Luck
Forever Divine Fortune Favors Front Page Fugaszi
FW Last Kall
Gaelic Gaiyento Gallardo Galoupard
Galway Gambler Gameboy N Gaudiano
Gentleman Gentlemens Quartley Giovanni VK Gold Rush
Golden Golden Coradus Gomeri Della Caccia Good Timing
Got Milk Gotta Good Feeling Griffin Gudiris
Haileigh FLF Hamilton Happy Days Harlem Shake
Hatful of Hollow Heart of Gold Heart to Believe Helicon Friends Forever
Hemingway Hershey's Kiss HH Lloyd Z Hidden Springs Kashmir
High Altitude High Cotton High Honors Hindsight
Hit Me Van't Zorguliet HJ Adelle HJ Ebano Hobbs
Hot Gossip Hot Wheels
Iceman Icon Ideal Image Imagine That
Impact System In Print Indigo Infinity
Insignia Ireland's Irish It's All Good Ivan
J' Adore Jabari 18 Jabulani 18 Jackpot
Jacleen Janan 18 Jennifer Grey Jersey Blue
Jessandi Famous Amos John Wayne Johnny Be Good Jumana18
K E C Luciana Kaboom 18 KBS Keepen Posted
Keepin It Cool Kendrick Khaleesi Kilina 18
King of the Score Kloie Knight of My Heart
La Pagina La Vie Este Belle Laavi Lady Germany
LaJolla Lanakila Landia 5 Lanesborough
Legally Blonde Legato Legendary Leonidas
Les Cheneaux Letano Let's Dance Hu Limon cello
Little Paul Livella Lola "K" Loralinde
Lord Mayors Bentley Lothario Lovey Lucky Luciano
Luiz Dos Santos
Macchiato Maisie Grace Maker's Mark Malaguenna 18
Maliblue Marcazarr Marquis Marschlilie
Marshall Law Matinee Maverick McLovin
Melody Memorable Memphis Belle Meridiano
Miracles Happen Mister Polite MJ Winks Monique
Moonlight Star Moritz W Morocco Blue 18 Mrs. Wilklason
MTM Carelly MTM Passport MTM U Call It My Little Secret
My OH My
Nantucket Narcotique B Naturally Immortal Nicholas
Nike Noble Guardian Nonchalant Nonchaltus
Nora B Nordic Vanden Bisschop Northern Lights Number the Stars
O'Juliet Okiedokie Oliver's New Twist Olney Pandora
One Direction One Direction Opera Ophelia
Orlando Outta da Blue
Paccino Paint Me A Picture Partly Cloudy Pay It Forward
Peek-A-Boo Perceval Pica Balou Pineapple
Piper Pixel Plain & Simple Platinum Edition
Pocketful of Sunshine Poetic Poker Face Pop Kulture
Prescott Presley Prosecco Providence
Published Pumpkin Pie
Quantico Quattro 39 Que Tal Quicksilver Blues
Quiet Hunter Quintessence 18 Quinton Z
Radar Radioactive Rafas Rebellion Rapunzel
Raquel Rarity Ravati 18 Ravinia
Ravishing 18 Razzmatazz Really Truly Reina 18
Rejoice RJC Relativity Remarkable Lass Rendez-Vous
Rendition Replique Requested 18 Resonance
Return to Me Revelry 18 Revere Reverie 18
Reykjavik 18 RF Theodore Rico Suave Rigoletto
Riot 18 Rising Stars Galileao River River Roc 10
Riverrun RO654scayla Roc Candy 18 Roc Hunter 18
Roc My Soul 18 Roc-ette RJC Roche Rock the Gold
Rockport Roc's All That Rodrigo's Bianca Roman Holiday
Romy Rosecroft E Claire Rosemary Rossi Bianci
Rowan Royal Descent Royal Seven Royal T
Rubaiyat 18 Rubicon Ruby Slippers Rue De La Vie
Rule The Air Rushmore
S & L Downtown S & L Sander Sabrina Salina K
Salvo Samson Sani Belle Z Santa Cruz
Santa Fe Sapphire Say Hello Schroder
Scirocco Screen Shot SCS Leviosa Secretive
Segundo Sombra Sharp Dressed Man Sheldon Cooper Should've Been A Cowboy
Sierra Nevada Sietske 2 Silver Sage Silver Star
Simply Said Single Handed Sir Amour Skara Glens Basel
Skywalker Snickerbear Snow Day So True
Sorano Southern Joy Southwest Charmer Spellbound
Splash Down Star Start Me Up Stay Tuned
Stingray 78 Stonewall Brightside Stonewall Spring Fever Sugar Rush
Sugarbrook Blue Sasafras Sunny Day Sunshine and Whiskey Sven Marshall
Swarovski Sweet November Syrah
Tailor Talledaga Tallulah Tamdhu
Ted E Bear The Countess The Graduate The Honorable Don Canoss
The Hottest One The Kernel Time Out Titan Rouge
Top Notch Five Top That Tophat and Tails Tortuga
Total Eclipse True North Truth Be Told Tuidam
Tvotty Veck
Umbria Upcountry Cetric Upsilos Vida Upworthy
Uriah Utopia III
V Cassaro Valcony Valentino Vanity Fair
Venlo Q Vento Di Cambianento Verdicchio Veronique
Vespa Victorious Vida De Roca NPF Vince
Vincenzo Virantos Vivian Volcan de France
Wanderland Wanderlust Warpaint WF Ruithie
Whisper Willie Willow Windsome Bluesome
Windy V
Yankee Goldsmith You'd Be Surprised
Zalicia Zentrix Ziggy Stardust Zorro