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B Circuit Standings as of 11/3/2009 (MS Word File: B Circuit)
   *see B Show Schedule for list of outstanding show results
   *see B Posted Shows for results from individual shows
IHJA Medals Finals Results (Final Standings)
Adult Medal Finals Children's Mini-Medal Finals Pony Medal Finals
Adult Mini-Medal Finals Junior Medal Finals
Hunter Divisions
Amateur Adult Hunter Green Working Hunter - First Year Long Stirrup Hunter Child Pony Hunter - Medium
Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35 Green Working Hunter - Second Year Low Working Hunter Pony Hunter - Small
Amateur Owner Hunter 36 & over Junior Working Hunter 14 & Under Modified Child/Adult Hunter Pre Green Hunter
Baby Green Hunter Junior Working Hunter 15-17 Non-Pro Hunter Regular Working Hunter
Beginner Adult Hunter Limit Hunter Adult Non-Thoroughbred Working Hunter Short Stirrup Hunter
Beginner Children's Hunter Limit Hunter Children Novice Adult Hunter
Children's Working Hunter Long Stirrup Hunter Adult Pony Hunter - Large
Jumper Divisions
Children's/Adult Jumper Novice Child/Adult Jumper Training Jumper
Modified Jumper Schooling Jumper
Equitation Divisions
Adult Equitation Limit Equitation Adult Long Stirrup Equitation - Children Pony Equitation
Equitation 14 & Under Limit Equitation Children Open Adult Equitation Short Stirrup Equitation
Equitation 15-17 Long Stirrup Equitation - Adult Open Junior Equitation