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B Circuit Standings as of 11/10/2013 (MS Word File: B Circuit)
   *see B Show Schedule for list of outstanding show results
   *see B Posted Shows for results from individual shows
IHJA Medals Finals Results (Final Standings)
Adult Medal Finals Children's Mini-Medal Finals Limit Medal Finals
Adult Mini-Medal Finals Junior Medal Finals Pony Medal Finals
Hunter Divisions
Amateur Adult Hunter Ground Rail Hunter Low Working Hunter Pre Green Hunter
Amateur Owner Hunter High Performance Working Hunter Modified Adult Hunter Schooling Hunter
Baby Green Hunter Junior Working Hunter Modified Child Hunter Short Stirrup Hunter
Beginner Adult Hunter Limit Hunter Adult Non-Pro Hunter Thoroughbred Working Hunter
Beginner Children's Hunter Limit Hunter Children Non-Thoroughbred Working Hunter
Children's Working Hunter Long Stirrup Hunter Adult Novice Adult Hunter
Green Working Hunter Long Stirrup Hunter Child Pony Hunter
Jumper Divisions
Children's/Adult Jumper Novice Child/Adult Jumper Schooling Jumper
Modified Jumper Puddle Jumpers Training Jumper
Equitation Divisions
Adult Equitation Ground Rail Equitation Long Stirrup Equitation - Adult Open Junior Equitation
Equitation 14 & Under Limit Equitation Adult Long Stirrup Equitation - Children Pony Equitation
Equitation 15-17 Limit Equitation Children Open Adult Equitation Short Stirrup Equitation